Monday, April 25, 2011

Recap (part 2 of 2)

I had to work Easter weekend so my boys headed down for an egg hunt at Grandpa's house with the cousins. Bennett discovered chocolate and therefore the eggs were a huge hit.

Bennett put his new fishing pole to use and caught his first trout at Fish Lake in Plain. He was very excited about his "big salmon" he caught and ate it up for dinner.

The Friday before Easter we attended an Easter Egg Hunt at the Children's Museum and then dyed eggs at Shauna's. Bennett was a bit of an egg "hoarder" and even swapped his easter basket out for a shopping cart at one point to maximize egg gathering.

And I'm officially 36 weeks along - and feeling very round. I had Shauna take this picture because I am convinced I am already bigger than I was with Bennett at 41 weeks. I feel pretty good still but definitely am slowing down a bit. Brent and I toured the birth center last week and all the girl clothes are washed and folded. We're ready!

Recap (part 1 of 2)

We attended a semi-local toddler carnival and Bennett had his hand at various kiddy activities - such as soccer playing, cake walking, and face painting.

Mommy and Bennett (and friends) had a date while Daddy was out of town - we went to the Cheesecake Factory and of course, enjoyed a slice of their specialty.

We went to opening weekend of the Tulip Festival but since spring has been so sluggish to start, there were only Daffodils to enjoy. But it was a great family day with minimal crowds and a yummy lunch in La Conner.

We went out to our property for a little time out of the city and for some sun. Bennett and I took a little hike while Daddy was out hunting turkeys and my pregnant body could barely keep up with Bennett - he hiked all the way up and down the very steep hill all by himself, stopping to give me "rests" when I asked for them.

Bennett took a spill at daycare on the playground and broke his fall with a dump truck. His gash was fairly superficial but we did end up in the ED for the first time - fortunately just for glue, no stitches this time. He was a trooper and never seemed bothered by the wound.

Brent takes Bennett down to the UW horticulture center some days when I am working so we all went together one day. Bennett is learning to use the spotting scope and can name eagles, blue heron, crows, hawks and robins.