Saturday, April 24, 2010


Excited to see Grandpa on Easter morning
Hugs and books with cousin Lexie

We did away with the pacifier a couple of months ago but he saw these (sippy cup tops) and was very persistent in asking to use them.

A trip to the zoo with buddies Maeve and Avery

His sign for "Where?"; we also know "Eat", "Milk", "More", "Please", "Thank you", "Bath", and "All Done".
Water exhibit at the Everett Children's Museum

We always play at the park at Greenlake after my run around the lake. On this day, we learned how to jump in mud puddles and got so wet/dirty, we had to strip down for the ride home.

A new way to enjoy asparagus

Mmmmm, yogurt!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eggs and Rabbits

The Laurelhurst Community hosted a great egg hunt for kids of all ages - Avery and Bennett participated in the 0-2 age group.
Warming up at the starting line, talking strategy.

I got one!
Checking out the loot, making sure it's all still there.

Walking around with Miss Amber, showing off my rabbit ears.

An attempt to get a cute picture of the two bunnies - this is the best one of the bunch (Bennett has a mouthful of cookies).