Thursday, October 8, 2009

Run Happy

Fall makes me happy. And there is nothing better than a crisp fall run - so we headed to Leavenworth last weekend to run the half marathon. I am pretty sure I had a goofy smile on my face the whole 13 miles...the weather was amazing, the scenery fantastic, the course was lovely, a handful of folks were running in very entertaining costumes, and I had great friends along. And there were beers and brats at the end...score! This is definitely going to be a new tradition - why again did we ever run the Seattle half, up and down the hills through the snow?
Bennett has perfected his army crawl and is working on the real thing. Everyday he strings together a longer combination of crawls before landing on his belly. He's also learned to pull himself to standing in the crib so we made some adjustments to the mattress height. (He won't wear socks for more than 1 minute - and loves to chew on them, hence the sock in his mouth; and he still loves to blow raspberries, which he doesn't understand isn't possible with a sock in your mouth, hence the goofy face). He has two good sized teeth on the bottom now.

Bennett spent his first overnight away from Brent and I (thank you grandma and grandpa!). Our dear friends Marco and Tanya threw a wonderful wedding celebration and we had a fantastic time with all our friends...the next day was a bit painful but we took Bennett to the fair to keep us all upright and entertained.