Monday, June 20, 2011

First Few Weeks

We've survived our first few weeks - and this gal is sure making it an easy adjustment. She's a star sleeper and a great eater. We're getting more awake times during the day and get to see her pretty eyes more often. I had to take her in for an extra doctor appointment and she's weighing in at 9 lb 5 ounces now - she had a little eye infection (clogged tear ducts) that is now all cleared.

And Happy Fathers Day to the greatest Daddy - Clara and Bennett are so lucky to have Brent. I am grateful everyday for this man and watching him with our kids just makes me love him that much more.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Days

This last week and a half has been luxury because we have spent the days enjoying one other, learning about being a family of four - we had no particular agenda and no work obligations. Sunday was the last of these days before Brent returned to the office so we took full advantage of the weather and drove to Camano Island. We hit the beach - combed for shells, threw rocks, fished, picnicked, and relaxed. I am so thankful for this family of ours - I can't imagine life any differently.


There is no question that Bennett loves Clara - he is constantly asking to hold, snuggle, burp, kiss and love on her. For Clara's sake (safety) we're working on some boundaries - like not climbing into her crib to hug her. It's so sweet to watch him grow in this new role. He's also embraced the cheese face so all his pictures these days are silly.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birth Story

After going one full week overdue, with little to no signs of progress, we opted for a repeat C section. We had the morning to prep Bennett for the events, leisurely pack our bags, grab a latte, and head to the hospital knowing it'd be a few short hours until we would meet Clara.

One final bump picture proves that this girl was going to be much bigger than Bennett - our bets were in the 7-8 pound range. It was a dreary spring day in Seattle but with a forecast for a weekend of sun, we were hopeful she'd emerge to enjoy some Vitamin D.

Brent had to get all dressed up for the occasion and unlike last time, never had to leave my side. The whole experience was calm and well orchestrated - so much different than last time.

I got to hold her within seconds of being born and we fell in love right away. With our previous labor experience, at the point we held Bennett, we were emotionally and physically exhausted. This time we truly got to experience and soak up the miracle of having a baby.

She topped the scales at 8 pounds 14 ounces (2.5 pounds bigger than her brother). She was nose up inside and was looking right at them when they opened me up - which would have proved to be a difficult labor.

Happy parents waiting for her to be checked out so we could love on her.

She was hungry immediately and wanted to nurse in the OR. We waited until getting back to the room but the girl knows how to eat and was not shy about it.

We had just one visitor the first day - Grandma brought big brother Bennett to meet Clara. He was equally fascinated with Clara and my IV. After a few snuggles, he went off to spend the night with Grandma and we enjoyed our first night with the new babe.

Cousin Laurel (2 months old) came to visit and is barely bigger than Clara.

Going home - they let us out at the 48 hour mark and we were so excited to get home and enjoy our family of four. And the sun was out to boot!

Sweet, sweet girl, we are in love. Welcome home.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clara Jane

Born June 1st at 1:02 pm by C Section. She is a love and we are so happy she is here - Bennett is one proud Big Bro. We are settling into new routines and life is full - we are so blessed.