Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catch Up

Sorry about the pause in blogging...a lot has happened in the last month. Unfortunately I don't have photo documentation of a lot of it...there was a long girls weekend (plus Bennett), lots of snow days, and Thanksgiving. Here is what I did manage to capture.
We get incredible amounts of trick or treaters which means Costco sized bags of candy are a must. I innocently left them by the front door while I unpacked the groceries and returned to Bennett ferociously and happily trying to unwrap all the candy he had dumped out.
Very proud of himself and his discovery.

My Mom made the most awesome Halloween costume ever - he was a huge hit with all of our golfer neighbors. (And my Dad sacrificed a few of his old golf clubs to make Bennett sized ones)

The day after Garna's funeral, we felt it appropriate to honor her with a bit of clam digging. The weather didn't exactly cooperate but I think it was therapeutic for all to be out doing something she loved. Bennett a la "Ralphie" to protect him from the elements.

Raining so hard there was inches of standing water. And lots of birds to point out.
The troops heading out to the surf.

A couple of us opted for the warm car after just a few 40 mile per hour gusts.

Success! Grandpa brought one back for Bennett's net. Grandma would be so proud.