Saturday, February 25, 2012

Phone photos

Thank goodness for cell phones - I rarely can remember to pack the camera. More often instead, I pull out my phone to capture the spontaneous, picture worthy moments of everyday activities. I also think they are some of the best ones of the kids because they reflect our day to day laughs and the smaller moments that are easier to forget. Here is a purge off the phone from the last few months.
Learning to sit in the high chair - and loving it.

Nap time in a nest he built on our bed.

Because we are often on the go on weekends, Clara and I have spent many a pit stop in the car nursing.

Bath time crowns.

January trip to Phoenix, picking breakfast from the tree.

Phoenix zoo.

Clara and doggies.

Bundled up for snow days.

Swinging in the snow.

Painting in the snow.

Mommy's helper - B feeding Clara dinner while I cooked our dinner.

A sunny day at Lake Tapps.

Home remodeling requires a lot of trips to Lowes - which requires finding ways to make the trips kid friendly.

My Picasso (notice a "no pants" theme here?)

Sick, snotty baby - getting over an ear infection.

Fireman Bennett.

Peak-a-boo Clara.

Morning snuggles (Bennett insisted they both wear Christmas PJs - I think he's feeling the let down after Christmas and his birthday)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow and sand

Bennett got skis for his 3rd birthday so we took him up on the hill for the first time this weekend. It was a learning experience for all. Brent and I both have skied for many years but have never taught. We went to the Leavenworth Ski Hill - they have two tow ropes, just the right size for beginners. While we only managed a handful of runs, Bennett had a great time. I hope someday we can take family ski vacations.

 It is sure a lot of work getting kids bundled and geared up!!
 Especially when you then have to carry them to the tow rope and up it.
 Clara hung in the backpack - we did a little cross-country skiing with her on my back.
 Big brother holding Clara's hand on one leg of the car trip.
Bennett wasn't into the family photo op.
 Clara hamming it up.
 This was our subtle hint that he was ready to go.
 So we took a family photo without him :)
  There was also a clam digging tide this weekend on the coast so after recovering for a night from skiing, we packed up the truck and headed the other direction. We rented a little place in Moclips, north of Pacific Beach and enjoyed the stormy Pacific Coast. We did end up watching more movies and lounging than actual beach combing but it was a fun quick trip nonetheless. Pretty sure Clara ate a peck of sand...makes me cringe just looking at the pictures.

Friday, February 17, 2012


We've entered the stage where Bennett and Clara can play together and entertain one other. They make each other laugh, pick on one another and share toys. It is so fun to observe the growth of this sibling relationship. There are times in the day (usually the evenings) where I am out of playtime ideas, out of energy, and short on patience - so I plunk them into the tub. These are some of my favorite moments - they both are so content and could play (contained!) for an hour.

3 years

Bennett my love, I cannot believe you are three years old already. You are such a joy and it is so fun to watch you mature and grow. Here are some things I don't want to forget about the 3 year old you.

- If you are unsure of a word pronunciation, you will always add a "B" to the word. Such as, "B-azona" (Arizona), "B-arage" (Garage), "B-uitar" (Guitar)

- You say "Togegger" for together - we love this misspeak so much, we may encourage it at times

- You love, love, love your Daddy. You want to be just like him - you mimic his chores and if you tire of that, you ask him to carry you along while he works. Which he usually obliges somehow.

- You don't sleep well - unless you consider negotiating every nap and sneaking into our bed at 3am every night good sleep habits.

- You will eat most things - you love seafood and most vegetables. Lollipops and popsicles are the ultimate bribe.

- You are a water baby but still prefer the comfort of being with your Dad in the deep water. We had our first go at swim lessons and you didn't fully trust the instructor - which meant you stood on the pool deck through the whole lesson.

8 Months

Our happy girl is 8 months old! She is changing everyday - latest milestones include:

- crawling! she is fast and into everything. She is much more curious than Bennett was and there have been more than a few finger sweeps in the mouth after various small toys.

- pulling up on things - she loves to be upright and will use any available vertical device to get there (including people). She's taken a few steps along furniture but fortunately hasn't explored beyond that.

- clapping and dancing - she's got an ear for music and will do a little shimmy and shake when the radio is turned on.

- sleeping through the night!!!! Two days before I left for my first overnight away from her she decided she could go without nursing in the middle of the night. And she has been doing it ever since - minus a minor setback related to an ear infection requiring extra snuggles.

- she's becoming more verbal - can get out a distinct "mama" and "dada" and something I swear is trying to be Bennett. Lots of raspberries in between.