Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Summer has finally arrived! Bennett is 17 months old and impressing us everyday with his developing personality and skills. Here's what he's up to lately:

- Being outside - whenever possible, as much as possible.
- Swimming - he loves to play in the wading pool and paddle in the big pool, he'll even dunk under with us
- Balls - especially basketball, but he's really not that picky. He loves to throw, shoot, hoard, bounce, and carry them
- Bikes - with all my STP training, he's fallen in love with the bike (and is very disappointed when he doesn't get to come along on a ride). We bought him a trike that he loves to ride to the park
- New words - he can say "mama" "dada" "lola" "ball" "up" "down" "uh-oh" "agua" "thank you" and sign many more (my favorite sign is "hot")
- Animal sounds - elephant, bear, lion, dog, chicken, and duck
- He loves, loves, loves his Dada - he often won't let me run the bedtime routine if Dad is around

Swimming in the pool in Yakima over 4th of July weekend. He is a true water baby and will jump right in.

Dog couch - Yakima is hard work for the dogs...mice to chase, canals to swim, orchards to explore. Hannah, Lola, and Olive slept well all weekend (and for days after returning home).

His new trike! He looks distressed here because I stopped very near the park for a photo op and he wasn't too excited about the delay.

Riding the tractor at the zoo.

Proudly carrying the first zucchini harvested. We've had lots of lettuce, chard, and herbs so far...still waiting on the rest of the bounty.