Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 7 Months!

Bennett is a rolling machine now...he can get around a room pretty fast. He's become a belly sleeper (I would have bet money he would never sleep on his tummy). He wants to crawl but hasn't quite figured out the details of how to make it happen - he gets really frustrated when he can't get where he wants. He can pull himself up to standing with a little help. He's sporting the first glimpse of a couple bottom teeth - and with that has come a new affinity for sucking his thumb and rubbing his tongue along his gums. He's enjoying more foods so I've started making the baby food and he seems to be expanding his palate nicely. We've been really bad about pictures lately (it's a lot harder to capture a moving object) but here are some cute ones from around the house. Assuming the pose in an attempt to move forward - for now just resulting in slapping of the floor with hands and feet.

Gazing up at the camera from our playmat.

Sitting on the rocker is a little dangerous these days...the series of photos I took is hilarious, between him trying to crawl off and me trying to prevent a fall, there are some "artistic" shots.

Sleeping soundly on his tummy.
The tongue may be for concentration, but I'm pretty sure he's exploring those emerging teeth.