Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lobster Par-tay

We resurrected a great tradition from my childhood. We flew some lobsters in from Boston, gathered friends and family, played some lawn games, boiled 'em up, and feasted. Yummy! Thanks Mom and Dad for organizing and hosting such a fun and delish party. (Avery got to join in the party as it was moving day for Chris and Amber...turns out she likes lobster.)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We had a sleepless night last night = irrational baby = grumpy, less patient Mommy. A shower usually fixes my mood right up - except when you exit the shower to find this:

6 squared

Brent's birthday is tomorrow but he's headed out of town for a fishing trip so we've squeezed in all our celebrating him this past week. The sun came out (finally) so we spent lots of time outside. All of our dear friends ventured to the cabin and we dined on some delish foods in great company. We even managed to squeeze some gardening in. Bennett has mastered climbing and made his way to the top of that ladder unassisted (but with a spotter of course).

Avery making the long car ride more entertaining by emptying and purposing everything in Amber's purse.

Setting up tents and Avery calling her peeps...making sure everyone's coming.

Ahhh...sun and an afternoon brewsky...the life.

Wearing his hat proud

Our monkey man.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Picasso

We inherited an easel from big cousin Lexie and it is a hit! We've only explored the crayons so far but he loves to draw - we're still working on the idea of only drawing on the paper. It's a fun new activity for those rainy days we've been having.

Brent and Bennett braved the See Kai Run warehouse sale while I was at work and ended up with 4 new cute pairs of shoes. And Bennett wants to wear them...all the time, even without socks and pants...because they stood in line for 3 hours for them!