Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Adventures in potty training have been frustrating, humorous, and now successful. Here are a few things from the past week that we have experienced:

- Bennett initiated the potty training (or the underpants wearing) himself....2 days before we were set to go on vacation. So I quickly convinced him diapers weren't so bad - no way was I going to potty train on an airplane.
- Once we got back, we jumped right in and hid all the diapers - he wasn't as convinced this time that underpants were worth the extra effort.
- Lollipops are by far the greatest bribery tool for Bennett - he'll do just about anything for one. Fortunately, this includes pooping on demand in the potty.
- We've had a few mishaps - he fell into a toilet in a public restroom (my bad), he pooped on the beach, he peed in a raspberry field, and the bathroom floor has never been scrubbed so much - we're still working on aiming down.
- I wasn't planning to night train him at the same time and figured naps would take some time but it was all or nothing in his mind so we're all underpants all the time - with no sleeping accidents (yet). He even woke us at 2am one night to tell us he had to pee.
- All and all, we are very impressed how smoothly this has gone and are very proud of our little underpants wearing guy. As a prize he got to pick out which underpants he wanted - he went with Cars (and misc Disney) and Thomas the Train.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Reunion

A few photos from our first vacation with the kids - fortunately we traveled with grandparents to we had lots of extra hands for babies and toddlers and gear. Besides Clara getting her first ear infection, the trip went off quite well. We all slept some, played in the pool and on the beach a lot, and spent time with family we don't get to see nearly enough.

Tummy Time

B: "Mommy, what's Cara (he can't say the L) doing?"
Me: "Exercising. It's called tummy time. She's learning to lift her head up."
B: "Oh. Hey sister - Lift your head like this!"