Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holiday Wrap Up

And again I find myself delinquent in my posts. We've been a busy little family this last month, jet-setting and all. Here's a play by play. (a disclaimer...I dropped our camera and loss function of the handy screen so these pictures are all taken "blindly" and therefore and not the best)

Decorating the tree with Daddy and trying to figure out how to get the ornaments off the tree without being too obvious about it.

Bennett's first Christmas was wonderful. We managed to see each division of our family and he enjoyed spoiling from all. He mostly was into the paper and boxes but was gifted many things that have provided hours of entertainment. Favorite things include: stacking train, trucks, balls, and books.

Christmas morning enjoying all santa had brought.

Riding home Christmas eve dressed as Santa!

We then rung in the new year with a 3rd (?) annual feast at the Russos house. We ate a 5 course meal that lasted 4 hours with a little wine to wash it down - delicious! Bennett slept right through the festivities and transferred home to his crib with not much of a peep.

Then it was off to Arizona for a hunting/sunning vacation. Brent took care of the hunting while Bennett and I relaxed and enjoyed our Phoenix and Tucson families. One glitch in the plan - Bennett misunderstood and thought vacation meant less sleeping. But it's amazing how quickly a sunny day can turn my grumpy, sleep deprived mood around!

Checking out the animals at the zoo and enjoying Gram snuggles.

And today we visited a new daycare at Seattle Childrens that Bennett will begin attending in February. This change is going to be hard for us all but Brent and I feel that it's going to fit our lives very well. I'm very saddened that I won't be caring for Avery much anymore and that the 2 buddies will be separated but hopefully we'll make some new friends and enjoy Avery on frequent play dates. Happy 11 Months buddy - I can't believe you're almost a year old!