Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week Two

Week two brought many joys and a couple of hurdles. Bennett is changing every day...he is becoming more interactive and is alert more often. I have yet to capture one on film but "gas smiles" are a frequent occurence now and just as satisfying as the real thing. He's still a pretty good sleeper - although every night is a bit different; some better than others. He is weighing in at a solid 6 lb 14 oz at the two week mark - almost fitting into newborn clothes!
We had to take him in for an extra doctor visit last weekend - poor little guy had an eye infection and couldn't open his eyes for a day...all cleared up now. Brent went back to work Monday which was a bit rough on everyone - another adjustment we're working through. I managed a shower, breakfast and a walk by 2pm today...feeling like I can do this Mom thing alright with some practice.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Week One

This week has been one filled with family and friends. We are learning something new about our little man every day and have loved every moment as we evolve as a family. Grandma and Grandpa Knowles come and "play" with Bennett whenever they can get away from work. We've bundled him up for many walks - he loves the motion of the stroller and tends to sleep through these excursions. The weather has been great and the sun has done wonders for Mommy's spirits...getting out of the house is very therapeutic. Lola has been spoiled with daily trips to the dog park. At the end of the day, we are all a bit tired and do sneak a few family naps.
Bennett had his first Dr appt and he's looking very healthy - his weight is 5 lb 15 oz but he's eating well and should be back to birth weight soon. He's sleeping well also - I have to set an alarm to wake us both every 3 hours to feed. We finally convinced him to sleep apart from Mom - he loves his carseat and slept the whole night there next to our bed!

Thanks to everyone who has spoiled us with their company, good food and spare hands around the house. Bennett loves you all and thanks you for keeping Mommy & Daddy sane and fed!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to the world son!

Bennett Forester Jones, born at 21:48 on 2/10/2009 via C section at Swedish Ballard. More stories to come...here are some photos of some of our favorite moments so far to tide his fans over.

2/9/09. Last 'baby bump' photo, about 10 minutes before we went to the hospital to start induction.

2/10/09. Mom and dad "enjoying" labor.

2/10/09. Mom's first snuggle...still on the operating table.

2/10/09. Proud papa.

2/11/09. Lexie introducing herself to cousin Bennett.

2/12/09. Our little monkey....

2/12/09. Aunt and Uncle Sarah and Rey practicing for their little girl to arrive in May.

2/14/09. Cousin Evan showing off his first rate baby-holding skills.

2/15/09. Bennett loaded up for his first trip away from home...shopping for a few unanticipated necessities.

2/15/09. Happy dad impressed with son's ability to sleep through three-hour shopping excursion.