Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Motion

Bennett finally found something that was worth the effort of rolling over for (a photo book of his family)! Gooooo....Bennett!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


It became a tradition a few years ago for Brent and I to take an annual camping/boating trip to Lopez Island - our favorite of the San Juan Islands. The weekend is usually spent drinking coffee, catching crab and salmon, eating crab and salmon, driving around in search of our country home where we will retire and sitting around the campfire drinking good wine; ahh the life. This year was a bit different as we invited along our friends Chris and Amber and had the challenge of learning to camp with babies. Both babies did very well and survived sleeping in the tents on some very cold and wet nights. There were a few lessons learned for next time but I am very pleased with how adaptable Bennett is to new situations.

Taking the ferry across from Anacortes (and both babies being more interested in something other than the camera).

All bundled up and waiting for coffee after surviving the first night.

Cuteness in a camping chair.

Bennett did not love the boat...but I think it's because his life jacket was the size of him and and bit too snug around.

Yum, dinner!

Bennett slept in two pairs of jammies, socks for mittens, a hat and two blankets. Snug as a bug!

Warming up in Daddy's sleeping bag after a cold night.

We also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the trip - had a picnic at the local farmers market.

Diaper changes camping style!

Happy 6 months!

Weight: 18 pounds, 2 ounces (25-50%)
Length: 26 inches (10-25%)
Head Circ: 43.5 cms (50-75%)
Everything checked out okay at his 6 month appointment - no concerns. The doctor is convinced he can roll (because he can sit unsupported and reach for things) but doesn't want too = he's so smart he knows if he rolls, he'll be on his tummy and he hates tummy time! He had to get three more shots today but shed only a few tears - he was flirting with the MA as soon as she was done.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I get this question a lot: "Have you cut his hair already or does it just grow into that perfect bowl cut?" It is virgin hair but it is a lot longer than you may it is after the shampoo, before the style.

We've upgraded bath time - he likes to sit up all the time now but is makes me a bit nervous in the tub (slippery when wet!) so we added a little support/fun.

A new fun game: Blowing raspberries while eating. Messy messy (notice the orange on the end of his eyelashes) I'm just happy he's liking more foods - we now eat prunes, sweet potatoes, peas, pears, and summer squash.

Grandpa Jones was daring enough to let me try on his expensive and very white hat during a dinner of prunes...all for the sake of documenting some cuteness. Thanks Grandpa - yee haw!

When B was born, he was barely the size of this monkey that Aunties Mel and Shauna gifted us. Now the monkey is a favorite during play time.

Today was a long day for me with two babies that didn't think naps were important - but at the end of the day, I could not be happier and more in love with our little man. He is constantly learning and absorbing everything around him and I cherish every moment (even the grumpy ones) that I get to share with him. And he's just so cute (look at those pecs)!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Fun

We've been busy these last few's a snapshot of some of the highlights (in no particular order).
Growing bigger...look at those rolls!
An action shot of the two buds...working together to maximize the jumperoo's potential.
He had his first cold this week - and a face full of snot to prove it!

Making Mom proud - looking sharp in his soccer jersey with his new Ikea soccer ball!

We decided to forgo the high chair purchase for now...but Bennett gets to "hang" at the big table with us for meals now!

Seattle had record highs this week so we would rotate between the shade outside, the fans inside and the pool to try and keep cool.

We started solids and it took about a week before he was enjoying the rice cereal. We've moved onto other foods and so far, he hasn't loved any except...

...peas! Yum peas.

Bennett hearts carrots...I think they must feel good on his gums.

Trying out a sippy cup! Such a big boy.