Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Spring

Bennett and Carter had their first play date this weekend - as you can tell, they were thrilled and couldn't get enough of each other (Karen & I had a great time!). Thanks Andy for the tip on the "forced" full swaddle - Bennett is sleeping much better with his arms restrained.

Some of my favorite moments with Bennett are right after he eats when he's fat and happy. He shows off his whole array of facial expressions - the pictures just don't do them justice. It is so unbelievably rewarding to know that he recognizes us and can express it through a big, fat cheeked, squinty eyed, mouth wide open grin. Parenthood is kinda amazing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smiles Galore!

Bennett helped me ring in my 30th birthday with the best present ever...smiles and more smiles. He just gets cuter every day! He got lots of love and snuggles from family this weekend - Brent and I went out to a fabulous dinner with friends on Saturday night and left him home in Grandma's very capable hands. And he spent time with his Aunts and Uncles on Sunday - it is such a blessing to have family close!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy One Month Birthday Little Man!

9 lbs 2 oz!!! He's definitely eating! Week four brought some challenges - we've entered the "gassy" phase and like a true boy, he spends many of his hours burping, spitting up, and farting. With these charming talents comes some fussiness as he's just a bit uncomfortable from all that air. Hopefully it's a phase.
This month we've discovered bottles from Dad, new means of transportation (the baby carrier) and lots more smiles...some of which could questionably be called real smiles! We still have some long nights but he's learned to sleep in the co-sleeper at night and his crib during the day; I hesitate to call it a routine yet but we're both learning slowly. Bennett had his first boys day last weekend - he went with Daddy and his friends to watch the UW Basketball game while Mommy took a much needed snooze.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week Three

Growing and growing...he's 8 lbs 1 oz today, officially fitting into newborn clothes. Poor little man had a visit at the circumcision clinic today - Dad held his hand during the procedure, Mom couldn't bear to be in the room. He did great and is sleeping soundly now after the morning's trauma.
This week's highlights included lots of tummy time, many stories, sleeping in the co-sleeper sans carseat and daily outings with our friends (Mom finally had her first taste of sushi post-pregnancy!).