Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long Overdue

Sorry about the lack of posting - I can't believe I've missed both the 8 and 9 month updates. Learning how to balance life with a crawling, climbing baby with a serious case of separation anxiety has been harder than I anticipated. I generally nap or clean when he rests hence, less computer time. Here is a bit of a whirlwind of a catch up. (Sorry about the less than photogenic pictures in the rocking chair, he is no longer interested in cooperating with that tradition)
Things he loves: to be naked and to watch the world go by through any baby height window.

On Bennett's 8 month birthday, he officially graduated to being a crawler. And man is he fast and fearless. I had to work that day so the boys went to the pumpkin patch with the Knowles family - mostly fun was had (until posing babies with pumpkins became less fun for babies). He did a little tailgating with us at a sunny Husky game and wore the purple proud. He's quite the "helper": laundry, mail, books, anything he can "organize" and rearrange is fun. I baby proof something new everyday and he finds something else mischievous - like dumping Lola's water bowl over his head!

Our 9 month old loves to stay busy; he can walk along the furniture, wave goodbye, give slobbery kisses, shake his head "no", feed himself finger foods, clap his hands, and dance to the music. Dinner time is messy - He really, really likes to do it himself and will use any means necessary to get the stuff in his mouth! And he just learned how to be Lola's BFF - sharing his foods with her. He loves bath time (thank goodness) and is often plunked, high chair and all, into the tub right after dinner. He was 20 lbs 2 oz and in the 50% for all measurements, right on track! This month we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, Avery's Birthday and Halloween - lots of fun! And he got his first pair of cowboy boots!