Tuesday, July 21, 2009

South Carolina

Meeting second cousin Caleb for the first time

Hitting the beach with Grandpa.

Family portrait on the beach.

Swimming around in the pool floaty.

Sleeping in the stroller - exhausted from shopping/lunch in Charleston.

The ladies (and Bennett).

Family photo op.

Cousin Maya.

Grandpa time!

Lots of pool time.

Excited about the pool!

Dad reading some great stories.

Matching hats courtesy of Granny Pat.

Shrimp-fest 2009.

One last stop on the way home...Bennett Street!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy July

Just some cute photos...

Finding new ways to make old toys fun!

Lounging in the Boppy

Bumbo time...sitting better and better

Avery giving me a lesson on crawling

Lunch with Aunt Jenny, Aunt Sarah and cousin Maya

Maya's first day at the spa

Bennett's first day at the spa with all the ladies

Lounging in the pool in Yakima...life is rough! (notice his hair...Brent thought it would be fun to give him a new do...parted on the side)