Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lola's Big Day

Lola got to go bird hunting with Brent and his friends this weekend. I was told she did quite well despite not being in the field for many months - remembering all her comands and showing off her nose for the birds. There weren't many birds to be found but fortunately, near the very end of the day, Lola got her chance to shine and came away with what you see in the above pic. Her Dad was very proud!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Adventures

This last month has brought many gatherings of friends and family. We joined both families for a day of beautiful weather and catching up at the pumpkin patch. Evan and Ruby did a great job of picking out Uncle Brent's pumpkin. Thank you Shelley and Robb for hosting us for lunch on our way to the farm!!

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with friends from work. We've adopted this tradition with full force and it is going strong in it's seventh year!! It's grown in attendance every year but because of space, this year was a much more intimate crowd. There was much eating and laughter. I only made one extra large pumpkin pie this year...and as you can see, it didn't last long. As usual, there was stress over the cooking of the turkey and the gravy but all turned out well and all went home full.

I am officially 'nesting' - we are currently purging and redistributing all the items in our house that take up space or are generally unused. We managed to fit in a weekend of projects at the cabin to accommodate the furniture we moved over there - laying laminate flooring in the loft. And my car is full to the brim with donations for the Goodwill. We are on our way to an empty baby's room and will soon start the next phase of filling it back up! Here is the Week 25 baby bump progress. Baby Jones is quite active these days - He's getting stronger and Brent even got to feel him kick the other day. We've narrowed the name list...but have yet to decide on one!!