Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Our trip to San Diego was so many good things - I rarely pulled out the camera because I was trying to savor and live within every moment of the vacation. I had a few days to myself with my dear friend Chels before my boys joined me on Wednesday evening. Bennett was a dream traveler and slept great the whole trip. The wedding was top notch and the celebration of Ross and Kate's love was very inspiring - we feel so lucky to have such great friends. Reconnecting






... and just plain fun!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The proof

This is night one at Granny and Grandpa's. The rest were sleepless. Not sure why - stage one of toddlerhood? new teeth? a cold? time change? Who knows; but here is the proof that he can sleep, and is so very cute when he does. Sorry to all of our housemates who lost some sleep due to our middle of the night shenanigans.

All dressed up

We went to Pittsburgh this last weekend to celebrate my Aunt Kay's wedding. Bennett was very excited to travel on the airplane and thanks to our travel companions (Aunt Jenny, Aunt Sarah and Maya), did quite well on the long cross country adventure.

We got all dressed up for the rehearsal dinner but that didn't stop Bennett and Caleb from playing around at the restaurant.

Grandpa and Bennett all suited up and enjoying the 80 degree weather post ceremony.

Bennett loved the band at the reception and wore himself out - he took a quick 45 minute nap and then was back on the dance floor.

I love this little man so much!

Of course, we explored the local parks and found some fun tunnels to crawl through!